Nature’s Peer-Review Course—please send certification of completion to your Managing Editor.

Peer-Review Process:

  1. Read the peer-review guide in the handbook and also revisit Nature’s Peer-Review Course summaries.
  2. Reviewers should assist in copyediting where possible (i.e., flag grammatical errors, spelling, paragraphing, incorrect references etc.).
  3. Any comments left on the manuscript should be constructive. You may commend as well as provide constructive criticism.
  4. Reviewers should aim to complete their review and review form within 1-2 weeks upon manuscript allocation.
  5. Send your review form to your Associate Editor.
  6. You may be asked to re-review a manuscript if (1) the Associate Editor deems your review inadequate or unfair or (2) the Author has had to revise and resubmit under Major Revision suggestions which require further peer-review.

Associate Editors:

  1. Associate Editors should receive a peer-review feedback form from all reviewers.
  2. A DECISION LETTER should be drafted and sent to the Managing Editor.
  3. Wait until the Managing Editor authorises the decision letter and wait until the peer-review process is anonymised and accepted.
  4. Upon confirmation, send a DECISION EMAIL to the author linking both the decision letter as a PDF and attach a link to the reviewed manuscript where the author may make tracked amendments—this will be the document labelled “ABC00XX Decision Manuscript.docx” in the folder. (You must not CC any reviewers or mention their identity in any way).
  5. Wait until the author revises and resubmits and review the alterations. If satisfied and no further revisions are necessary, inform your Managing Editor. Otherwise if further Major Revisions are needed, repeat process from (1); if further Minor Revisions are needed, confer with author about these until the manuscript is accepted.

Managing Editors:

Meeting Minutes