As a part of our goal in fostering interdisciplinarity in the study of human behaviour, CJHB encourages individuals from different academic backgrounds and disciplines to write commentaries on our articles. No matter what field the original article may be from, we encourage commenters to bring in their own unique perspective from whatever academic disciplines they know best.

Commentors can come from a variety of backgrounds and, unlike article authors, do not have to be undergraduates. So whether you are an undergraduate or a professor, feel free to write a commentary on any of the below articles.

Once you decide which article or articles you would like to write a commentary on, please reach out to the managing editor of the article’s respective division. They will supply you with the complete article, inform you of deadlines, and answer any questions you may have. The contact information for our managing editors can be found on our Team page.

Commentaries should aim to be a maximum of 1,500 words long. For points of reference, past commentaries can be found in all of our past issues.

Articles in Need of Commentary

Psychological Sciences Articles

Clinical implication of Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy on MDD-related emotion dysregulation and relevant neuronal bases

The Role of Microbiota in Major Depressive Disorder: Neurotransmission and Neuroinflammation

The Relationship Between Identity Crisis and Prospective Delinquency:
A Correlational Study

Camouflaging Motivations and Consequences in Autistic Adolescents: A Systematic Review